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The Quebec GenWeb provides a free source of genealogical information for the province of Quebec in general. Our province is divided in 17 administrative regions and 87 Regional county municipalities (RCM); each region includes one or several RCM. The RCM system was introduced in 1979 to replace the historic counties of Quebec. Prior to 1979, Quebec was divided in 71 municipal counties. For today's genealogists, the term "county" refers to one of the 71 historic counties.

The Quebec Regional GenWebs were subdivided according to the old historic counties, respecting the norm established by the various genealogy societies and historical societies of Quebec, when publishing the baptism, marriage and burial records found in the parish registers of their respective regions. Although it might sound a bit unconventional, it was done to facilitate the research work of genealogists and historians, as well as our regional coordinators who volunteer to help out when required.

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Doing genealogy research is not part of our mandate; we let you know where and what's available to help you navigate through the various resources the genealogy world has to offer. If you don't find the necessary information on our web site, we will gladly let you know where you might find what you are looking for.

You will find a list of volunteers available to do various genealogy research on your behalf (see  http://QuebecGenWeb.com/lookups/lookupsa-c.html). Volunteers are always happy to help whenever possible; but don't hesitate to let them know that you appreciate their help and services. A small thank you don't cost much, but it's always a pleasure to earn one !


You would like to contribute to this genweb, without any obligations on your part...? That's entirely possible ! All you have to do is send us a copy of the texts that you would like to publish, and we'll be happy to include them as soon as possible, and to indicate their source and provenance, evidently ! After all, one should always give credit where credit is due !

On the other hand, should you wish to participate in the management of a GenWeb, we would suggest that you first take a moment to read what is expected from a host or coordinator, as well as the Canada GenWeb's policy and procedures to follow in order to become a GenWeb host or coordinator (visit http://www.canadagenweb.org/volunteer.html). If you can live with those rules, then contact the Quebec GenWeb coordinator.

There is a thousand and one way that you can contribute to a GenWeb of your choice. Have a look at what's needed... Every little contribution counts and will be greatly appreciated !

Coordinator: Suzette Leclair
Substitute Coordinator: Roger Hétu

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