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The Monteregie region wraps around the island of Montreal in the west and the south.  Following the banks of the Ottawa River and the south shore of the Saint Lawrence, the region is a stones throw from this great city. A fertile area of the Saint-Lawrence lowlands, it's broken up by the presence of several obtrusive mountains that rise up out of nowhere from the valley's floor. Standing like sentinels they add a unique visual dimension to the region.

The term Montérégie comes from montérégiennes, the name of the hills surging from the plains in the region. Mounts Saint-Hilaire, Rougemont, Yamaska, Saint-Grégoire, Saint-Bruno and Mount Rigaud all form an imaginary line between the island of Montréal and the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Surrounded by lakes and rivers, the Montérégie region is crisscrossed by an important hydrographic network that has been the scene of several historical battles. The Richelieu River, crossing Montérégie on a north-south axis, used to be a commercial waterway before fortifications were built on its shores to protect the population against military attacks. Enjoy any of the numerous cruises available to really appreciate our peaceful water bodies or to discover the fauna and flora of the Lake Saint-Pierre area’s marshes and of the region’s numerous islands...

The Montérégie region is the third most important region in Québec in terms of the number of historic sites, of museums and of interpretation centres. Come visit the region’s different heritage sites and familiarize yourself with an essential part of the Canadian historical heritage starting with the Native settlements to the wars of conquests of New France up to the recent industrial history of Québec and the Patriots’ Rebellion.

Travel around to places where illustrious persons lived and left their mark in Canadian history, people such as Samuel de Champlain, Sir Georges Étienne Cartier, the heroic Madeleine de Ve Verchères, Brother André (the founder of the Oratoire Saint-Joseph in Montréal), Honoré Mercier, Louis Cyr, Paul-Émile Borduas, Jordi Bonet, Ozias Leduc, and many others. 


Map of Monteregie

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