Pontiac County 1:50000 NTS Topographic Map Sheets

The Green areas in this table indicate the NTS 1:50,000 map sheets that cover Pontiac County. Maps should be ordered by the map number and name as indicated. These maps can be ordered through NRCan Licensed Topographic Map Dealers.

1:50000 NTS Topographic Map Sheets
31 N/5
Lac Cawasachouane
31 N/6 31 N/7 31 N/8
31 N/4
Lac Antiquois
31 N/3
Lac Nichcotea
31 N/2 31 N/1
31 K/13
Lac Dumoine
31 K/14
Lac Brule
31 K/15
Lac Delahey
31 K/16
31 K/12
Lac Russell
31 K/11
Lac Bruce
31 K/10
Lac Doolittle
31 K/9
31 K/5
31 K/6
Lac St-Patrice
31 K/7
Lac Duval
31 K/8
Lac Pythonga
31 K/4
31 K/3
Chalk River
31 K/2
Lac Usborne
31 K/1
Blue Sea Lake
31 F/13 31 F/14
31 F/15
Fort Coulonge
31 F/16
31 F/12 31 F/11 31 F/10
31 F/9
31 F/5 31 F/6 31 F/7 31 F/8

If you are unsure as to which map sheet you require, use the Canadian Geographical Names locator. Among the information returned is the NTS Map Sheet that covers your place of interest.
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