Pontiac County

Genealogy Publications

  • Marriages in Pontiac County/Mariages du Comte de Pontiac - 1836-1973
    • Published by: Editions Bergeron, CP 1716, SUCC Place D'Armes, Montreal, PQ, H2Y 3L5
    • Avaliable at Ottawa Public Library, Ottawa Archives, National Archives, UOVGG Library in Pembroke

  • Shawville and Clarendon
    • Author: J. Lloyd Armstrong
    • Avaliable through The Equity in Shawville.

  • TelePontiac - lists every person owning a phone in Pontiac, Quebec, corrected every year.
      CP 893
      Fort Coulonge, Quebec, J0X 1V0
      Phone: 819-683-3582; fax:819-683-2977 (no charge for the book; postage charged only)

  • The Truth About Captain D.C. McLEAN
      His story is told in a 300 page book titled, 'THE TRUTH ABOUT CAPTAIN D.C. McLEAN'. The last chapter records all of his descendants that have been located and a little narrative if it is available. There are over 40 diagrams, maps, photos and illustrations. The book is fully indexed and has a bibliography. Please contact the author for more information: Lawrence C. Erwin laurie.erwin@sympatico.ca

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