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A listing of cemeteries located in Pontiac County, Quebec, Canada. This is a preliminary listing and may contain omissions and/or errors. If you have any information concerning the information shown here, or know of additional cemeteries, please contact Fay Bennett


ABERDEEN TWP. Anglican Cemetery at Rapides Des Joachims   L 119-123, Rapides Des Joachims Graham & Assoc -1981
St. Ann's R. C. Cemetery at Rapides Des Joachims   L 146-152, Rapides Des Joachims Graham & Assoc - 1979
ALLUMETTE ISLAND St. Alphonsus Cemetery Old Lot 156A, Chapeau In Progress
St. Alphonsus Cemetery New Range 3 P33, Chapeau In Progress
St. Joseph's Grave Yard   Cemetery Rd., St. Joseph N. Larocque - 1991
BRISTOL TWP. Norway Bay Anglican Cemetery   Range 2 Lot 10, Norway Bay Joan McKay - 1977
Norway Bay United Cemetery   Range 1 Lot 9-158, Norway Bay Joan McKay - 1977
St. Andrew's Knox Cemetery   Bristol Not Done
St. Barnabos Anglican Cemetery   Bristol Mine Site Not Done
St. Edwards R.C. Cemetery   Range 4 Lot 19A, 19B Not Done
St. Mathews R.C. Cemetery   Range 7 Lot 5A Not Done
BRYSON TWP. Old Cemetery   Near Lake Moiseau Not Done
St. James Anglican Cemetery   Bryson Not Done
CHICHESTER TWP. Holy Spirit Mission R.C. Cemetery   Nicabeau UOVGG - 1993
CLAPHAM TWP. Nil      
CLARENDON TWP. Austin United Church Cemetery Cotie's Methodist; Austin Methodist Front Rd & Con 1 R. Gorr - 1991
Clarendon Front Cemetery Armstrong's Burying Ground Range 2 Lot 3D R. Gorr - 1992
Holiness Movement Cemetery   Range 6 Lot 5 In Progress
Norman United Cemetery Norman Methodist Range 11 Lot 19B, Chartaris R. Gorr - 1992
North Clarendon Baptist Church Cemetery   Range 12 Lot 18C R. Gorr
Private (family stone moved to Maple Grove, Shawville) Prendergast Family Cemetery Range 2 Lot 1W1/2 In Progress
Radford United Cemetery Ebenezer Methodist Range 6 Lot 18K, Radford Not Done
St. Albans' Parkman Anglican Cemetery   Near Stark's Corners Not Done
St. Alexandre Des Chenaux R.C. St. Melanie De Clarendon Range 1 Lot 24A R. Gorr - 1992
St. John's Anglican   Range 9 Lot 23, Morehead R. Gorr - 1992
St. Luke's Caldwell Anglican Cemetery   7th Line Not Done
St. Matthew's Anglican Cemetery   Range 11 Lot 9C, Charteris Not Done
Standard Church (group stone moved to Maple Grove, Shawville)   Range 12 Lot 18B R. Gorr - 1992
Stark's Corners Community United, Presbyterian, Family Range 3 Lot 20F, Stark's Corners R. Gorr - 1991
12th Line Cemetery     Not Done
Wesley United Church Cemetery Wesley Methodist; Abby's Range 11 Lot 8D, North Clarendon Not Done
Yarm United Cemetery Hodgin's Methodist Range 8 Lot 8E, Yarm R. Gorr - 1992
Zion United Church Cemetery Zion Wesleyan Methodist Range 4 Lot 5B, Front Rd & Zion Line Not Done
FORT-COULONGE Old R. C. Mission Cemetery   Bois-Franc Rd. Not Done
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Cemetery   Chemin Port Rouge & Booth St. In Progress
St. Peter's R. C. Cemetery   Chemin de La Chute & Hwy 148 Not Done
GRAND CALUMET ILE TWP Dunraven Union Church Cemetery   Range 6 Lot 8C R. Gorr - 1992
R. C. Cemetery (owned by Pembroke) Range 1 Lot 20B, 21B, 13AP, 14AP Not Done
LESLIE TWP. Baptist Cemetery   Main St., Otter Lake Not Done
R.C. Cemetery   Canton Not Done
St. Charles Borromeo R.C. Cemetery   Main St., Otter Lake Not Done
St. James Anglican Cemetery   Main St., Otter Lake Not Done
LITCHFIELD TWP. Lower Litchfield United Church Cemetery Presbyterian; Church of Scotland Range 2 Lot 24C 25C, Hwy 301 R. Gorr
St. Elizabeth of Hungary's Parish R.C. Cemetery   Vinton  
St. John the Evangelist R. C. Cemetery   Campbell's Bay Not Done
St. Andrew's United Cemetery   P1 Lot 3 Campbell's Bay J. Burman - 1992
St. George's Anglican Cemetery   P1 Lot 3 Campbell's Bay J. Burman - 1992
MANSFIELD TWP. Old Cemetery   Jim's Lake Rd. Not Done
St. Pierre Cemetery   Rt 148 & Baume St, Mansfield Not Done
ONSLOW TWP. Old Pontiac Village R. C. Old Pontiac Cemetery near Quyon, Onslow Twp UOVGG - 1995
St. John the Evangelist Anglican   Quyon Joan McKay & Randi McKay - 1977
St. Mary's Quyon R. C. ? ? Not Done
ST. CHARLES BORROMEO R. C. Old Main St. (beside church) Not Done
R. C. CEM. New Hwy 301 Not Done
UNION CEMETERY   Stephen Rd & Hwy 301 Not Done
PORTAGE DU FORT Protestant Cemetery   Portage Du Fort Clare Stoppa & May Prange - 1997
St. George's Anglican Cemetery   Portage Du Fort R. Gorr - 1990
St. James the Great R. C. Cemetery Old & New Portage Du Fort C. Stoppa - Yr n/a
SHAWVILLE Maple Grove Pentecostal Cemetery   Pt 137, Shawville R. Gorr - 1993
Maple Grove United Cemetery   Pt 137, Shawville Not Done
St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery   Shawville UOVGG - 1997
Shawville Village Cemetery Inc. St. Paul's Ang. & Methodist Shawville UOVGG - 1998
SHEEN TWP. St. Paul the Hermit R. C. Cemetery   Sheenborough In Progress
THORNE TWP. Craig Methodist Cemetery   Range 4 Lot 44A, Greermount R. Gorr - 1993
Ladysmith Methodist Cemetery   Range 5 Lot 21B, Ladysmith R. Gorr - 1992
Norman United Church Cemetery   Charteris Not Done
Private Cemetery Rueckwald Cemetery Rg 8 Lot 17 In Progress
Private Cemetery Wiegand Cemetery Rg 4 Lot 18 In Progress
Private Cemetery   Rg 8 Lot 8 In Progress
St. George's Anglican Cemetery   Rg 3 Lot 18 Yach Rd, Thorne Center Not Done
St. John's Lutheran Church Cemetery St. Johannes Kirchhoff Range 4 Lot 22A, Ladysmith Not Done
St. Michael's R. C. Cemetery   Rg 4 Lot 14B, Thorne R. Gorr - 1992
St. Stephen's Anglican Cemetery   Rg 3 Lot 42, Greermount R. Gorr - 1993
Zion Lutheran Cemetery   Rg 9 Lot 15A, Schwartz R. Gorr - 1991
WALTHAM TWP. Ivy Hill Cemetery Black River Circuit, Waltham Union Range 1 Lot 20B Norah Larocque - 1991
  Our Lady of Perpetual Help R.C   Waltham UOVGG - 1993

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